Visitors   from   around   the   globe   have   enjoyed   Night   Sky   Tours   with   astronomer   Dennis   Mammana...   some   several   times.   Read   what they're saying about their cosmic experience.
"Last   night   was   spectacular.   I   know   that   this   is   what   you   do   every   day   but   sharing   not only   your   knowledge   but   your   wonder   in   what   is   out   there   is   pretty   extraordinary.      Thank you so much for a life-changer." ― Elizabeth K. El Segundo, CA, U.S.A.        "It   is   always   a   pleasure   to   be   guided   by   a   person   who   is   genuinely   interested   in   his   field and knows how to share it to an audience of different backgrounds." ― Eeva P. Belgium        "Thanks   for   sharing   your   contagious   enthusiasm   for   the   cosmos.   I   will   never   see   the night   sky   the   same   way   ever   again!   I   enjoyed   how   you   simplified   astronomy   in   a   way   that   I could understand. I'll definitely spread the word of your awesome and memorable tour." ― Jon G. San Diego, CA, U.S.A.       "Many   thanks   for   arranging   such   an   enlightening   tour   for   my   family   and   sharing   with   us so much insightful info." ― Ho Pei L. Hong Kong       "[We]   had   a   wonderful   time   learning   and   laughing   with   you!     You   were   entertaining   as   well as   informative.      It   was   the   highlight   of   our   trip.      We   are   looking   forward   to   visiting   again, during another season, to see other awe-inspiring things in the night sky." ― Rene A. Hemet, CA, U.S.A.      "Thanks    for    a    fantastic    experience!        Vivid    discussions    over    breakfast    about    all    we experienced. Also we all admire your knowledge and dedication." ― Håkan D. Stockholm, Sweden      "Thank   you   again   for   showing   us   the   night   sky!   It   was   a   wonderful   experience   to   learn from   you   about   the   stars!      Dirk   and   I   agreed   that   viewing   the   stars   with   you   was   one   of   the most amazing things we've ever seen." ― Brigitte & Dirk P. Montreal, QC, Canada             
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